Casa Aménagement

Our Core Values

Casa Amenagement has been built around four strategic values that are adopted by all its collaborators: Performance, Professionalism, Expertise and Citizenship.

Performance: An instrument that is a warranty of our continuity.

Casa Aménagement supervises and controls both on upstream and on downstream the progress and realization of the projects that are entrusted to it within the allotted time.

Professionalism: Attitude at the heart of the daily workday.

Professionalism equals competency, rigor, and effectiveness. Qualities that our teams are endowed with and systematically sought in our collaborators and partners. 

Expertise: Serving the city of Casablanca.

Casa Aménagement shares with its partners its expertise and know-how with regards to the governance of structural projects. The synergies that we put in place, participate in the creation of projects that will change the daily life of Casablanca inhabitants.

Citizenship: For the collective interest

Civic responsibility is at the heart of our actions and our decisions. Casa Aménagement acts in the interest of the inhabitants of the Grand Casablanca and their well being.