An ambitious and unifying cultural project

Situated in the middle of the city's historic neighborhood, The Grand Theatre of Casablanca is one of the most important cultural centers in Africa and the Arab world.

Multidisciplinary space dedicated to all "scene based" art forms (Theatre, dance, music, musical comedies...) it will welcome all year long cultural and artistic shows and events of international standards.

A truly urban and architectural feat, the Theater will endow the Mohamed V Square with a new identity and will be an icon of the city of Casablanca.

The project will also help the development of the city's cultural and local scene through the promotion of art and of Moroccan artists, as well as the organization of artist residency programs between local and international artists.

Through this new energy and infrastructure Casablanca will regain its prestige and position it as the artistic and cultural capital of Africa.


  • Christian de Portzamparc

    Christian de Portzamparc

    design architect

    "CasArts a été conçu comme un espace de vie.Un espace agréable, fonctionnel, accueillant et accessible."

  • Rachid Andaloussi

    Rachid Andaloussi

    Executive architect

    "La vocation de la Place Mohammed V est avant tout de rendre l'espace au citoyen et de ramener l'art dans l'espace public."

Meeting international standards, the Grand Theatre of Casablanca will include:

  • Concert Hall seating 1800 people ;

  • Theater seating 600 people ;

  • Current music room that can accommodate 300 people ;

  • Small Rehearsal rooms ; 

  • 4 Conference rooms ; 

  • Retail establishments (2 coffee shops, 1 seated restaurant, 1 art store) ; 

  • Artist and technician village (dressing rooms, technical spaces, delivery and storage, …) ; 

  • Refurbishing of the Mohammed V square ;

  • Additional Component: An underground parking with 173 spots under the east part of the Mohammed V square.

Contracting Authority : Commune de Casablanca

Delegated Contracting Authority : Casablanca Aménagement SA

Project Architects : 2Portzamparc et Rachid Andaloussi 

  • Ministry of Interior (DGCL) : 480 Millions DH
  • Hassan II Fund for the Economic and Social Développement : 400 Millions DH
  • State General Budget : 280 Millions DH
  • Municipality of Casablanca : 180 Millions DH
  • Regional Counsel of Casablanca : 100 Millions DH