Development of the archeological park of sidi abderrahmane

Situated on the old Sidi Abderrahmane quarry, the project aims to develop the site into an archeological park on 5 hectares of land.

The area is famous from the discovery in 1955, in the caves, of a 200 000 year old fragmented human mandible.

The digs and research on the site have led to the discovery of thousands of stone tools and a diverse fossilized fauna. This heritage of Casablanca is known worldwide.

The project aims to develop the site into an archaeological park, highlighting the remains and discoveries of prehistoric sites in Casablanca and promoting researches and excavations in progress. 

Developing of the site on a 5Ha area and the creation of 2 paths and an interpretation center:

A going path of around 1200m dedicated to discovery and learning by highlighting the culminating points of the site:

  • Cap Chatelier
  • The Great Cliffs
  • The Cavern of the bears

A return path of around 1200m dedicated to animation with 5 workshops:

  •  Initiation to archeological digs workshop
  •  Creation of pre-historical architectural tools workshop
  •  Fire workshop
  •  Hunting workshop
  •  Sculptures and animal imprints workshop

An interpretation center of 900m² comprised of:

  • An administration   
  • A permanent exhibit room
  • A reception and shop
  • A Multimedia space
  • A laboratory and archives


Contracting Authority  : Ministry of Culture and Communication

Delegated Contracting Authority  : Casablanca Aménagement SA

Private financing provided under the development agreement of the integrated zone of Sindibad .